Dr Rebecca ker, Counselling Psychologist BSc. DPsych.

Welcome to my website.

There are lots of different psychologists and counsellors, with different approaches and professional identities. Different people also have different specialisms, interests and personalities. This page offers some information about me and my training and qualifications, and please bear in mind that a good way to decide if a professional is right for you is to meet them in person (also have a look at my FAQs section- ‘how to find the right professional’). Please feel free to call or to arrange a free half-hour consultation. This initial meeting is a good way of learning a little more about each other, with no obligation. I am happy to recommend a colleague, if I feel I know of someone who might be able to offer a better match.

About me.

I am a professional and enthusiastic Counselling Psychologist. I am trained at doctorate level in a range of theoretical approaches (person-centred, CBT, psychodynamic etc) which means I can tailor treatment approaches to each individual I work with (some therapists are trained in only one theoretical approach). I aim to integrate theory and interventions in a way that I believe will be most beneficial to the individual I am working with.

It is important to me to work in a way that is informed by empirically-based research and clinical guidelines of good practice, but also not be restricted to working within one approach. I keep up-to-date with research and theory by attending regular conferences and workshops. I recognise that a diagnosis is useful to some, but generally I aim to make sense of what a person is going through in a way that is useful to them.

I have worked in a range of NHS services as well as charitable and independent organisations with lots of different types of clients. An understanding that we are all different underpins my approach, and there is no ‘right’ reason for seeking help. Clients may present with a variety of problems ranging from anxiety and depression arising from difficult life events to more serious mental health problems. Some may desire solution-focused strategies to help them cope with an immediate challenge; some may feel ready to explore their personality in more depth.

At the heart of my practice is a positive attitude towards individual difference, and a belief that human beings are incredibly resilient. I am passionate about helping people enjoy their lives to the full.

The rest of my website should offer information about how I work. Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like a free consultation.

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