Dr Rebecca ker, Counselling Psychologist BSc. DPsych.

I am available for individual psychological therapy. One-to-one sessions are often the easiest environment in which to work on yourself. However, I also see couples and families when difficulties relate to relationships rather than an individual. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

I also offer small groups of strangers group therapy. Group therapy is a way of accessing lower cost support. It focuses on a particular challenge or difficulty (for example, anxiety, anger, stress etc) and involves a series of group meetings (normally 6-8 meetings) of 4-6 people. I aim to ensure that participant's in the group have similar enough experiences to aid one another's learning. Please let me know if you would like to be kept informed of the next group programme.


I enjoy sharing information and have experience of teaching at workshops and career development events.

Most recently, I taught trainee clinical psychologists in Ghana about autism. I have also presented at charitable organisations.

I am currently working with a wonderful colleague, Dr Delan Naidoo, offering local schools presentations that aim to teach adolescents about psychological health. The presentation teaches students about tools to enhance positive coping with stress. We also offer reasonably priced workshops aimed at smaller groups of individuals on a range of issues relating to teenagers: building healthy relationships, dealing with stress, communicating assertively and managing anger, increasing self-esteem, improving body image, feeling comfortable with identity, coping with bullying, safe social-media use, and other issues that are relevant to pupils. We also offer presentations aimed at staff and parents.


I have experience of teaching and supervising trainee therapists. As a qualified psychologist (doctorate level), I am available for clinical supervision.

Assessments and diagnostics

In some cases, standardised assessment tools can be useful to aid a formulation of an individual's presentation. These tools would be used in conjunction with thorough face-to-face, and sometimes observational, information gathering, depending on the function of the assessment. I am trained to use psychometric tests and in specialist autism diagnostic tools (ADOS & ADI-R). I have achieved level A & B in psychometric testing, and am registered at the British Psychological Society's Testing Centre.


I also offer organisations and businesses consultations. This can involve teaching self-care strategies, helping a system work more effectively, and/or supporting companies to look after their employees. I am trained in psychometric tools that help employers better understand the working preferences and strengths of their staff.